Pluxee Serves Up Transformative Customer Experience (CX) with Cloud Migration Powered by Sabio and Genesys

Highlights of the project include; 

  • 28% uptake in automated interactions, enhancing operational efficiency  

  • Integration of multiple communication channels into a single platform  

  • Simplified work processes for contact centre agents, leading to improved productivity  

  • Record implementation time of just three and a half months 

Pluxee Serves Up Transformative Customer Experience (CX) with Cloud Migration Powered by Sabio and Genesys

Pluxee, the global leader in employee benefits and engagement services, has successfully transformed its customer experience (CX) through a strategic partnership with Sabio Group and Genesys.  

By migrating to the cloud with the implementation of Genesys Cloud, an omnichannel contact centre solution, Pluxee has achieved remarkable improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Formerly known as Sodexo, Pluxee rebranded in June 2023 with a mission to create personalised and sustainable experiences for its 36 million users worldwide. However, the company faced the challenge of adapting to an evolving market where customer satisfaction is paramount.  

Pluxee recognised the need to modernise its customer service systems to improve efficiency and user experience. 

“We needed to modernise, to take a step towards digitalisation in order to adapt to today's employees and customers, as well as to reach out to future generations and current generations who are entering the labour market today,” said Carlos Celis, Head of Customer Service & Digital Operations at Pluxee Spain. 

The collaboration with Sabio and Genesys proved to be a game-changer for Pluxee.  

The implementation of Genesys Cloud was completed in a record time of just three and a half months, thanks to the dedication and expertise of all teams involved. The cloud solution provided Pluxee with the security, transparency, and agility needed to enhance its customer service operations. 

The results of the project have been impressive. Pluxee has achieved a 28% uptake of interactions through automated handling, significantly improving operational efficiency. The integration of multiple communication channels, including voice, email, web forms, chat, and WhatsApp, into a single platform has simplified the work of contact centre agents, leading to improved productivity and customer experience. 

“The implementation of Genesys Cloud at Pluxee has transformed not only how we interact with our customers, but also how we support employees. Constant innovation has been crucial to improving both the customer experience and internal operations, reaffirming our focus on excellence at every step,” said Nicola Mazzucotelli, VP Sales Italy & Iberia at Genesys

Pluxee's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation doesn't stop here. The company plans to expand the integration of Genesys Cloud by incorporating advanced features such as Speech Analytics, workforce planning and management, and further process automation. These enhancements will enable Pluxee to deliver even more personalised and efficient services to its customers. 

“The collaboration between Sabio and Pluxee to implement Genesys Cloud has demonstrated that putting technology and flexibility at the service of employees not only improves operational efficiency, but also elevates the customer experience to new levels.  

“We are proud to have been part of this significant change and look forward to continuing to support Pluxee on its journey towards customer service excellence.” said Gabriel Rodriguez, Managing Director of Sabio Group in Iberia

Download the case study to learn more about Pluxee and its innovative transformation.
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