Sabio Group at the Forefront of Digital Transformation in Spain Following Success of Its CX Event, ‘Disrupt’

  • More than 500 delegates attended the conference, which was held at the La Casa de Lector, Matadero de Madrid
  • Event highlighted the digital customer experience (CX) transformation successes of companies across Spain and internationally
  • Dr. Mario Alonso Puig and Daniel Lacalle delivered fascinating keynote speeches, with Dr. Puig closing the event
  • Disrupt was hosted by journalist and TV presenter, Angie Rigueiro
Sabio Group at the Forefront of Digital Transformation in Spain Following Success of Its CX Event, ‘Disrupt’

Sabio Group has positioned itself at the forefront of digital transformation in Spain following the success of its annual customer experience (CX) event in Madrid. 

Sabio welcomed more than 500 guests and a selection of celebrity speakers to its flagship event, held at the La Casa de Lector, Matadero de Madrid.

Dominating the agenda was the latest digital transformation trends, as well as the business benefits and importance of brands in providing memorable digital customer experiences.

The event was attended by some of the largest companies from Spain as well as internationally, positioning Sabio Group at the forefront of the Spanish customer experience and digital transformation markets.

Santiago Martinez, Country Manager for Sabio Spain, said: “It was wonderful to host this event in the city which is home to our Spanish headquarters.

“The success of Disrupt, and the stories that emerged from some of the largest national and international organisations that attended, has now positioned Sabio among the leading voices in the digital transformation and CX markets across Spain.

“It has never been more important for brands to take CX and digital transformation seriously. Our industry is changing rapidly and CX will clearly be a differentiator for these brands in the long term.

“Sabio is superbly positioned in this arena. We are equipped with the tools, technologies and expertise required to help our clients deliver faster, smarter and more personalised CX for their customers, no matter their industry. The onus is now on brands to increase their focus on CX to make their business stand out from the crowd.”

Santiago added: “It’s an exciting time to be involved in our industry, and at Disrupt I believe we truly showed how we can help enterprises across Spain unlock the potential of their people and technologies to help brands achieve consistent and memorable customer and employee experiences.”

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, the specialist physician, surgeon and motivational health and wellbeing speaker, closed the one-day conference.

Dr Puig, a physician and surgeon at Harvard University Medical School, delivered a fascinating closing speech themed around ‘Transformation and Closeness: A Winning Trend’. He was joined by globally renowned economist and author, Daniel Lacalle, who covered the ‘Economy and Transformation’ during his session. The event was compered by Angie Rigueiro, journalist and presenter on Antena Abierta, Antena 3’s Sunday afternoon magazine programme, and Antena 3 Noticias, the channel’s sports show.

Matt Tuson, Chief Commercial Officer at Sabio, said: “We believe it's time to unlock the potential of people combined with technology to support customer and employee experiences across Spain.

“Disrupt Madrid certainly showcased the most exciting, trend-setting and innovative technologies from within our industry, brought to life by captivating, real-life use cases and first-hand experiences from a diverse selection of presenters.

“Our Madrid event encapsulated everything that is good about Sabio and our industry – and positioned us as a leading voice within the customer experience and digital transformation spaces in Spain.”

Disrupt Madrid was Sabio’s first physical gathering in Spain since the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as its celebrity speakers, the event attracted some of the largest companies nationally and internationally including Vodafone, Sky, Multiasistencia, HomeServe and loveholidays as well as CX leaders such as Avaya, Genesys, Twilio, Verint and Salesforce.



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