Sabio Group Launches Global ‘Centre of Excellence’ Function & Strengthens With Key Appointments

Sabio’s Centre of Excellence will be filled with a mixture of experienced specialist software and technology architects.

Sabio Group Launches Global ‘Centre of Excellence’ Function & Strengthens With Key Appointments
  • The function will support the business’ multi-vendor partner strategy and in growing its portfolio across the globe 

  • Phil Coombe appointed VP of Centre of Excellence function after Matt Tuson’s unveiling as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) 

Sabio Group, the leading full-service digital CX transformation provider, has launched a Centre of Excellence (CoE) function as it looks to cement its position at the forefront of the multi-billion-pound customer experience and contact centre technology industry. 

Sabio CoE was launched to bring the best of Sabio customer experience (CX) to both clients and prospects globally, helping to deliver the firm’s multi-vendor strategy and grow its portfolio across key regions. 

The new function will be filled with deep domain and subject matter experts to drive an innovative Digital CX Transformation focus via Sabio’s Digital, Solutions, Insight & Desktop propositions. 

Phil Coombe, VP of Centre of Excellence at Sabio, will head up the new function. 

He said: “This is an exciting development for Sabio Group and one that will help us to cement our position as one of the world’s leading full-service digital CX transformation specialists. 

“The new CoE function will be filled with architects armed with a mixture of technical and soft skills. The team will include professionals with several decades’ experience in operating within the customer service and customer experience environments as well as a selection of eager graduates stepping out from university with a willingness to learn. 

“The Centre of Excellence concept was launched to allow us to identify key stages in a project’s ‘scope and design’ process where we can step in and provide not just our technical capability and know-how but also demonstrate our knowledge of Sabio’s software products as well as that of our partners. 

“Sabio’s focus is always on the customer outcome. Helping customers get the most out of their solutions, whatever form that solution takes, is at the forefront of our decision making. By plugging in the expertise of the CoE we can guarantee that the client will be getting real value for money and – in the end – the correct solution for their business needs.” 

Sabio Group has been on an aggressive growth trajectory during the last 18 months having made nine acquisitions in that time, enhancing the firm’s growth in the UK, France, Netherlands and Spain in Europe as well as in Singapore and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Currently, the firm has more than 1000 staff and 600+ clients globally. 

“This is a really exciting time to be involved not just with Sabio but within the wider Customer Experience industry,” said Phil. “It’s a vibrant industry, and one that is growing year-on-year, and so our dedicated CoE function will be crucial in helping us focus our collective energies to the benefit of both clients and prospects moving forward. This will truly be a ‘point of difference’ for Sabio and helping the business to differentiate itself from our peers.” 

Matt Tuson, who joined Sabio late in 2020 as Chief Commercial Officer, said: “The launch of our Centre of Excellence function is a clear demonstration of Sabio’s commitment to innovation – not just externally but internally also – to achieve the very best outcomes for clients. 

“This move will standardise our project ‘scope and design’ discussion process, allowing us to plug in crucial expertise and knowledge at key points in that process to ensure the client’s end goal is always front and centre. 

“Phil brings wisdom, culture and drive at a time when CX is a key success and value driver for businesses. For me, his appointment and the creation of the CoE function is a really exciting development and one that will ensure we maintain accountability, consistency and predictability in our approach across all of our regions to drive our global growth strategy.”



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