Sweaty Betty Smashes Customer Experience Goals with Sabio Group

Activewear brand, Sweaty Betty, has achieved transformational success by partnering with customer experience (CX) experts Sabio Group to overhaul its customer service experience. 

Sweaty Betty Smashes Customer Experience Goals with Sabio Group

Implementing Sabio’s proprietary Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator and Salesforce Service Cloud, Sweaty Betty realised game-changing operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels that exceeded all expectations. 

In a recently published case study, and with Sabio’s help, Sweaty Betty launched an integrated omni-channel customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provided agents with 360-degree customer views leading to a 66% decrease in first response times. In addition, the integration of chatbots enabled 35% of support traffic to be swiftly managed through self-service, far beyond Sweaty Betty’s initial 10% target.  

Overall, the enhancements empowered customers to engage with the brand on their channel of choice - whether self-service, email, web or chat. 

Beyond the quantifiable metrics, the project also delivered a vastly improved experience for Sweaty Betty’s customer service agents. With streamlined workflows and access to enhanced customer insights, agents could focus on delivering personalised, high-value interactions.  

As a result of its work with Sabio, Sweaty Betty has realised tangible cost savings from day one while establishing foundations to evolve its Customer Care into a revenue-generating function. 

Fiona Lind, Digital Project Manager at Sweaty Betty, explained the transformational impact. She said: “We had to create an agile, integrated solution and Sabio’s Service Cloud Accelerator was the missing puzzle piece. 

“The live chat wasn’t an afterthought. It was a strategic move to offer real-time solutions to customers and a building block to future proof our service offering. 

“What we achieved was beyond the MVP; it was as if we put the car into overdrive. We got more than what we bargained for - real cost savings from day one.  

“And more importantly, we have set the stage for Customer Care to deliver outstanding experiences, in line with our brand values.” 

The successful initiative comes at an exciting inflection point for Sweaty Betty. After being acquired by Wolverine Worldwide in 2021, the digital-first brand has cemented its position as a leader in women’s activewear.  

Its partnership with Sabio Group further demonstrates its commitment to continuous innovation, exceptional customer experiences and empowering women globally. 

You can read the full case study here
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