Team ‘Wild Waves’ Set to Conquer "World's Toughest Row" Across Pacific Ocean

Best Friends Chase New Record With New Support from Sabio Group After Blazing Across Atlantic.

Team ‘Wild Waves’ Set to Conquer "World's Toughest Row" Across Pacific Ocean

Just over two years after shocking the ocean rowing world by setting a new record for the fastest female pair to row across the Atlantic, best friends and adventure seekers Jessica Oliver and Charlotte Harris are eyeing an even bigger prize - becoming the fastest women's team to conquer the Pacific. 

The dynamic duo, known as ‘Team Wild Waves’, will embark on the 2,800-mile journey from Monterey Bay, California to Hawaii in June as part of the annual ‘World's Toughest Row – Pacific challenge’. 

This extreme endurance challenge sees up to 20 teams from around the world depart the historic Monterey harbour each June, following in the path of legendary explorers to race across the mid-Pacific. 

‘Team Wild Waves’ is being supported through further sponsorship from Sabio Group, the digital experience transformation services specialist, who will help fuel their quest to etch their names into the record books once again on the "World's Toughest Row."  

Sabio's support for Jessica and Charlotte, from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and Fleet in Hampshire respectively, is part of their #Dare2Do campaign this year, which aims to support organisations and individuals who are breaking boundaries, challenging themselves, and harnessing innovation. 

“After breaking the Atlantic rowing record by five days, we knew we couldn't stop there,” said Jessica, a Salesforce Project Manager at Sabio-customer Awaze. “The Pacific represents the ultimate test of teamwork, grit and the power of female friendship that propelled us across the Atlantic. This time we're bringing double the passion, dedication and drive to conquer this incredible feat.” 

Only 40 teams have successfully completed the gruelling near-3,000-mile Pacific crossing, with the current record for female pairs standing at an astonishing 46 days, 17 hours and 47 minutes. The Pacific is known for its huge depths, reaching over 6 miles at the Mariana Trench, as well as 75% of the world's volcanic activity occurring in the Pacific "Ring of Fire.” 

“Jess and Charlotte absolutely embody the unstoppable spirit, teamwork and laser-focused determination that are key to overcoming life's biggest challenges,” said Danny Seaborne, Managing Director for the UK and South Africa at Sabio Group. “At Sabio, this year through our #Dare2Do campaign, we’re focusing on elevating those organisations and individuals that are going beyond their remit and pushing limits each and every day. 

“We are tremendously proud to support and sponsor Team Wild Waves as they take on this incredible feat of human endurance across the Pacific Ocean.” 

Team Wild Waves has been committed to raising vital funds for charity through each of their ocean adventures. After raising over £100,000 for Shelter and Women's Aid during their record-setting Atlantic Challenge in 2022, the inspiring friends are aiming to smash that fundraising total during the Pacific row. 

Jessica and Charlotte's incredible story can be heard first-hand at Sabio's upcoming CX Transformation event, Disrupt, on Tuesday, March 5th at The Brewery in London. You can also support their efforts here

Wild Waves' intense preparation, custom ocean rowing boat, and their quest to make history once again can be followed at 

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