Tap into the world-class power of Amazon Web Services with its low-cost omnichannel cloud contact centre: Amazon Connect.


Amazon has built its reputation on seamless, dynamic and natural customer service. When it couldn’t find a contact centre to meet its needs, it built its own. And every business can now benefit from its real world expertise with Amazon Connect from AWS – providing progressive cloud-based contact centre capabilities through its OpenAPI.

Partnering with Sabio and our two decades of contact centre experience, we can help your business bring the full capabilities of Amazon Connect to life in astounding ways.

How Sabio makes the difference

  • The invaluable bridge between Amazon Connect and Salesforce
    By leveraging our partnership and deep expertise with both companies, Sabio brings an unrivalled understanding of how to seamlessly unite your infrastructure and CRM needs – forging the best of both worlds for your business.

  • Supercharge your AI
    Amazon Connect utilises its Alexa technology to interpret the meaning behind the words of your customers. It’s a powerful tool and Sabio can help you build and iterate at speed to activate large-scale automation across your business – driving up customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Enhance your teams
    Sabio understands your biggest contact centre cost is people and ensures they are best deployed to efficiently and effectively harness the potential of Amazon Connect. Our Work-Force Engagement Management service feeds insightful learnings back to your business. 

  • Leverage your analytics
    Sabio’s tried and tested processes can translate the wealth of data generated by the conversations between your customers and your employees into actionable insights. Better insight drives higher quality interactions, greater productivity, and a reduction in unnecessary customer contact.

Testing and Learning with our Connect Kickstarter

To clearly see how Amazon Connect can best serve your business in real terms, we’ve developed the Connect Kickstarter – a Model Office that puts your prospective new contact centre through its paces. It’s a six-step approach over four weeks that generates rich insights, improved decision-making and meaningful connections.

It all adds up to an assurance that with Sabio the potential of Amazon Connect is fully applied and realised.

Testing and Learning with our Connect Kickstarter
Build Model Office

Test run a basic Amazon Connect set-up.

Filter Live Calls

Around 5% of traffic fielded to 5-10 of your agents.

Activate AI

A basic data capture intent bot is built and deployed.

Engage Agents

Intent data and insights passed to agents.

Analyse Speech

Trends and insights identified in voice interactions.

Inform Strategy

Evaluate opportunities for improved CX.

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