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How BGL Group extended self-service capabilities to phone with AI

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How BGL Group extended self-service capabilities to phone with AI

DVELP’s call-centre AI solution helped BGL Group to better understand customer intentions and provide self-service through the voice channel.

The Challenge

Growing your customer base means every year you need to increase the capacity of your customer service team to deliver a high quality customer experience. To do this, BGL Group had invested in digital channels to provide customers with alternative ways to access their policies and complete transactions.

The Solution

Our process started with the deployment of Airline, a Customer Service Automation bundle that uses Google CCAI for automation and Twilio Flex contact centre platform to handle calls.

The Results
  • A rich dataset of customer intents that supported the business case for automation and allowed the team to focus on value driving use cases. For example, we had found that 1.5% of the calls to BGL Group customer services were about roadside assistance, not insurance
  • A clear understanding for the business of what value can be created from delivering automated journeys through the voice channel and a strategic plan on how to deliver it
  • A designated model office team to rapidly prototype and validate assumptions around automation
  • Multi-modal customer journeys (voice and SMS) to validate a hypothesis that customer could easily and efficiently be shifted from one channel to another to more quickly resolve their query
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