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AI – customer engagement threat or opportunity?


When it comes to discussing AI, there’s an emerging divide between those who think of Artificial Intelligence as a first step towards an inevitable global robot takeover - and those that accept that AI is fundamental to the success of our next generation of customer engagement systems.

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According to Business Insider, everyone’s ‘freaking out’ about AI stealing jobs, while – according to new research – 46% of UK respondents actually still have no idea what AI is all about. So clearly there’s still a lot of education to be done!

From Sabio’s perspective we’re seeing real momentum behind AI at the moment – particularly from vendors such as Avaya that has recently introduced it’s A.I.Connect initiative to build on technologies such as Avaya Oceana and Avaya Breeze with AI and Machine Learning.

Additionally, having just completed yet another major Virtual Assistant deployment – this time for one of the UK’s leading IT service partners – we’re convinced that AI-enabled solutions such as Intelligent Assistants and messaging all have a key role to play in helping organisations to redesign how they engage with customers.

So do you see AI as potentially threatening your carefully-designed customer journeys, or have you already started to identify how AI and machine learning can help you deliver brilliant customer experiences?

In this week’s SabioSense we look at how facial recognition is beginning to streamline customer identification, and feature a Chinese e-commerce firm that’s using an AI-powered fashion consultant to drive customers back into stores. We’re also reporting on a new RBS robo-advice service, and examining how airports are tracking the physical location of our mobile devices to help streamline our in-terminal journeys.


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