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Listening without action wastes everyone’s time


The Issue: At Sabio we’re seeing an acceleration towards feedback fatigue among increasingly over-surveyed customers.

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Whether it’s simply rating a service on an app, being asked for comments online, or providing feedback on a contact centre interaction, requests for customer feedback are becoming an almost daily occurrence.

Unfortunately many customers feel that organisations aren’t really doing anything with all this feedback, and that’s because they rarely see any evidence that brands are listening to and responding to their comments. So what are organisations doing wrong?

The SabioSense view:

If you’re just collecting feedback and doing nothing with it then we believe it’s a fundamental waste of time for both you and your customers. Unfortunately, only a handful of brands really do this right.

At Sabio Insight we recognise that just asking questions isn’t enough. However, many organisations simply don’t have the culture, processes or determination in place to respond to customers and act on their feedback.

So how do you move organisations from just listening to becoming a business that drives specific actions from its customer feedback? Sabio Insight can help, providing you with the tools and support you’ll need to act on customer concerns by placing feedback at the heart of your CX improvement.

We’ll be discussing this critical issue, and how effective feedback strategies can help ensure brilliant customer experiences, at our DISRUPT CX 2019 event in London on the 24th of April.

Simon Thorpe can be contacted at [email protected]


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