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Taking payment friction out of the customer journey


When it comes to customer journey friction points, payment usually comes top of the list. However, in opening its new checkout-free Amazon Go store in Seattle, Amazon hopes to revolutionise the way we shop.

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While there were queues to get into the new Amazon Go shop, that was the only delay as the Amazon store features no checkout operators or self-service tills. Thanks to sensors on shelves, items are simply added to a customers’ Amazon Go account as they pick them up, with an electronic receipt produced on exit.

This kind of ‘grab and go’ shopping will of course have an impact on our broader digital experience, particularly as customers begin to expect the same kind of recognition and trust from their online engagement. Already we’re starting to see real innovation in physical payments, with innovators such as Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca offering an app that lets you pay your bill, split it with your friends, and leave when you’re ready – rather than waiting forever for someone to come and take your payment.

All this innovation is great, but it won’t always go smoothly. Just ask Scottish supermarket chain Margiotta how the trial of its Fabio ‘shopbot’ went (unfortunately Fabio was fired after a week because it couldn’t understand customers!).

From Fabio to Sabio..

With a number of the Sabio team in New Orleans this week we were delighted to hear about the acquisition of cloud partner Spoken Communications, and its ‘Think Avaya, Think Cloud’ messaging. At Sabio we’re working closely with Avaya to help our customers build transformative, cloud-based customer experiences. Watch this space as Avaya now moves forward at cloud speed.

At AvayaEngage, Avaya also recognised Sabio’s proven AI capability as part of its A.I.Connect initiative – listing Sabio as one of three global partners offering or integrating 3rd party Artificial Intelligence solutions for its AI initiative.

In this week’s SabioSense we highlight Avaya’s major cloud and AI announcements at AvayaEngage, feature a Harvard Business Review story that questions why so few online shoppers convert, and ask whether consumers will learn to trust Apple’s new HomePod intelligent assistant speaker.

  • Accelerating Avaya’s growth in cloud solutions – According to Avaya the acquisition of Spoken Communications will help the company move forward at cloud speed, giving customers greater choice and flexibility in how they buy and consume Avaya solutions.
  • Why do so few online shoppers convert? – New research reported in Harvard Business Review suggests that consumer intuition needs to be a primary focus when redesigning online consumer experiences
  • Will we learn to trust the Apple HomePod? – The fact that voice assistant devices such as Apple’s new HomePod are increasingly featuring interior design-inspired looks suggests that manufacturers are increasingly concerned about the impact of the technology on our domestic environment


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