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The Need for Telepathy in Contact Centres


Christine Howard joins the Bright team as one of our new client relationship managers.

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Christine comes with a wealth of contact centre experience previously holding project management and insight roles for the likes of Shop Direct, Serco and Webhelp. In her first blog post Christine shares her own unique take on contact centre management.

The Need for Telepathy in Contact Centres

In the ever more competitive world of contact centre customer service, telepathy is an essential skill. It is not an easy skill to acquire, but, given several years of deep, transcendental meditation, and a strict regime of yogic chanting, I’m told it can be achieved. And, boy, will it give you the cutting edge! Here’s why:

  • You’ll be able to read your customers’ minds…

After a customer has contacted your business, you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking. You’ll know how satisfied they were, how easy they think it is to deal with you, and how likely they are to tell their mums that you’re the bee’s knees. You’ll even be able to find out what they think of specific agents, teams and departments. If you can work quickly enough, you may even be able to write down their inner-most-thoughts to understand why they rate you as they do.

  • You can work out how engaged your employees are…

Understanding how your employees feel at work is key to understanding how to improve customer satisfaction. All of the most efficient processes and slickest IT is useless if you’re agents sound like zombies. And with your new-found ability to tap into people’s inner-most psyches, you’ll be able to answer key questions like ‘How motivated are my employees?’ and ‘Do my employees understand the overall objectives of the company?. All useful stuff if you’re aiming for best in class in the contact centre universe…

  • You will be able benchmark your business against your competitors…

Your mind-reading skills will allow you to spy on the board rooms of your competitors; not just those within your peer group, but those in other sectors – allowing you to accurately understand your ranking within the market place. Depending on how highly attuned your telepathy is, you may be able to examine different operation metrics – things like attrition, wrap time, average order value, or cost-to-serve – to enable you to perform a gap analysis so that you know exactly which levers to pull to improve your standing within the market place.

And if you manage to perform all three of these great feats of telepathy, you will be end up with a global view of your organisation; one that looks at business, employee and customer, and give you the greatest opportunity to make the changes that will lead to real results.

Since joining the company I realised Bright can measure all of the above for you, without the need for any transcendental meditation or yogic chanting at all. Pretty impressive, right!

I’m looking forward to meeting our many clients as I get stuck in to the new role, so all that’s left to say is good luck on your quest to becoming the Yoda of the contact centre world. Few achieve this goal, but those that do understand the benefit it can bring.


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