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Voice Biometrics – poised for further exponential growth?


With 300 million voiceprints now authenticated globally, it’s no wonder that Nuance says we’re now experiencing a ‘biometric boom’.

Sabio Group – Voice Biometrics

And with around 85% of customers saying that they’re frustrated with existing clunky authentication questions, it’s not surprising that people prefer the smoother authentication process makes for more seamless customer journeys.

However, technologies like biometrics do more than keep customers happy – they’re also proving significant when it comes to fraud prevention and risk mitigation. One top 5 UK bank managed to prevent £4 million of fraud events after introducing voice biometrics, while another bank foiled over 200 cases of fraud in just a single six-week period.

This level of consumer acceptance and success in terms of fraud prevention leads some observers to think that this ‘boom’ is just the start. Opus Research, for example, sees the extension of voice biometrics into new application areas such as automotive assistants as the next logical step for conversational recognition and support.

However, no matter how impressive technologies such as voice biometrics sound, they can only prove successful in the long-term if they’re part of an intelligently crafted customer journey that’s consistent across a range of channels. So get in touch with us at Sabio if your customer journeys need to strike exactly the right balance of customer effort and security.

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