PCI Compliance and Payments

Strengthening PCI compliance for contact centre customers and striking the right balance between achieving PCI compliance and reducing customer payment frustrations.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was first released to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information. Many contact centre operators still find PCI compliance challenging, largely because of voice processing and agent involvement.

There has been continued focus on credit card fraud in the contact centre, so the requirement for PCI compliance is now more important than ever. However, too many organisations still under-estimate the scale of the business risk posed by non-compliance. This is in terms of subsequent brand and reputational damage.

Sabio has worked with Semafone to help contact centre customers strike the right balance. This is between achieving PCI compliance cost-effectively and helping to reduce customer payment frustrations within the contact centre.

Innovative approaches such as Semafone’s patented technology resolve the complexity of PCI compliance by removing the customer data completely. Your contact centre agents remain in voice communication throughout the payment process while a customer types in their card number. DTMF digits are masked so the agent and the recording solution can’t hear them.

Sabio helps you take this further still by offering a hosted PCI solution that can be deployed in tandem with our Sabio OnDemand powered by Avaya contact centre solution. Using smart CTI technology we have integrated Semafone’s PCI solution with our Avaya platform – effectively descoping your entire contact centre technology stack and agent population from PCI compliance!

For more information on PCI Compliance and Automated Card Payments, contact us at [email protected] or 0344 412 3000.



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