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Voice automation can range from initial automation applications like online payments through to conversational automation solutions for end-to-end customer journeys.

Resolving Digital Self-Service disconnects through Automation

Effective automation of digital customer engagement is a priority – especially with today’s customer journeys increasingly crossing channels and having multiple touchpoints. Sabio Digital works with organisations to help resolve digital self-service disconnects, ensuring that your customers benefit from the same high-quality customer experience across your channels.

Achieving your digital customer service goals

Automation has a key role to play in assisting organisations to achieve their customer digital self-service goals. For some Customer Experience Directors, the focus may be driving brilliant experiences or providing a clear service differentiator, for others the emphasis may be on streamlining processes, securing cost savings, or service redesign to compete with new market entrants. Whatever your business drivers, Sabio Digital is ready to support your specific digital automation requirements.

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Shifting towards Automated Interactions

As customers increase their reliance on digital and self-service engagement, it’s inevitable that these interactions will become more complex with consumers expecting more and more from their use of automated channels.

For organisations that have already realised transformational CX benefits – automating the Identification & Verification elements of a voice interaction for example – the incentive to unlock similar digital customer journey advantages through automation is strong. This automation can take many forms, from core customer automation processes such as payments integration and Identification, through to the 100% automation of all customer journeys, where human assistance is only required as an added value for digital CX engagement.

At the same time there’s an increased deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions – until recently largely focused on back-office functions – being used to support digital customer journeys. This ranges from tools to recommend next best actions, or integrating with a range of technologies to support automated functions such as:

  • Conversational support across core IVR, Virtual Assistants and digital applications
  • Biometrics integration to build automated Identification and Verification into digital customer journeys
  • Streamlined customer sign-up and onboarding processes
  • Digital document sharing and automated approval

Sabio Digital – building automation into digital customer journeys

Sabio’s deep understanding of customer journeys and the requirement for tight integration between digital and traditional channels makes it an ideal partner to help organisations realise their CX journey automation goals.

Whether it’s adding digital capabilities to elements of the traditional voice journey such as Visual IVR, or ensuring seamless transition for digital processes that need to transition to live service, Sabio Digital is expert in applying the right data and technologies to support successful customer relationships.

Sabio Digital supports this process with in-depth consultancy, design, development and deployment of ongoing digital automation services that support your evolving customer engagement models.


Start your journey with Sabio

Start your journey with Sabio

If you’re interested in developing more efficient and effective customer experience for your business, our team of experts is always on hand to help.

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“Sabio has delivered a fantastic roadmap for the evolution and proactive monitoring (MaaS) of our Avaya Contact Centre infrastructure. Sabio’s active engagement model has enabled LV= to drive it’s contact centre transformation plan and unlock significant savings.”

Adam Kinghorn - GI Customer Interaction Controller


“Looking to the future we needed an expert technology partner to help us in developing our next generation, multi-channel communications infrastructure.”

Simon Brown - Infrastructure Services Manager

Office Depot

“Working with Sabio has given us access to a real depth of understanding in both workforce optimisation processes and technology, and that has been a key factor in ensuring the success of a major technology refresh project at Office Depot.”

Dave Corless - Head of Resource Planning


“Sabio’s proven experience in deploying speech analytics solutions and tuning them for improved performance has helped us accelerate our time to value and we look forward to making customer analytics an integral part of our broader engagement strategy.”

Alison Hanson - Director of Contact Centre Strategy

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