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Great customer service is fast and accurate, which means getting the answers you need on the spot – no waiting on hold while someone looks it up. Add Natural Language Processing to your advisor desktop and it can analyse conversations to understand what customers need and proactively find it for you. 

Analyse conversations to understand what customers need

Why add Natural Language Processing to your advisor desktop?

It’s a common scenario. Your team are experienced and know where to find different types of information, but they have to use specific search terms, serial numbers or fill in a number of fields to call it up. Meanwhile, the customer’s on hold or simply has to wait while your advisor translates their question into a language your system can understand.

Our powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology helps your team find answers from across your systems simply using everyday language. That includes complex sentences, sentence fragments, multiple questions in a single sentence, abbreviations, slang, misspellings and the variances in the way people speak. This means advisors can call up information as part of the natural flow of conversation, for a much faster, as well as more human customer experience.

Once you set it up, the system will continue to learn, so it gets faster and more accurate over time.

Features at a glance

  • Natural language processing and machine learning – understands and learns how people ask questions and gets smarter with each interaction. 
  • Guided process flow – set the answers to important questions and create decision trees for specific scenarios.
  • Full web-based administration module – manage your content easily and generate reports and analytics. 
  • Predictive questions – uses past data and questions to predict future ones.
  • Escalation options – escalate to various options such as email, chat, CRM etc if required.
  • Contextual memory – understands context for a more human experience.

Give your team natural language support with flexAnswer

flexAnswer is a technology that combines a dynamic knowledge base with and NLP-powered virtual assistant. The only system of its kind, designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing platforms and services, it can save your team countless hours as well as helping more customers find what they need first time. 

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