Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) can cut calls volumes for your agents by 30% or more, while boosting everything from brand perception to staff loyalty. We help you find, tailor and manage the platform that’s not just a tool. It’s part of the team.

Know what your customers need with a Virtual Assistant

Finding your perfect virtual assistant

All virtual assistants are not the same. When it’s well designed, your virtual assistant can help customers faster, ease pressure on your team, increase CSAT and NPS scores and act as an ambassador for your brand.

Getting it right is a process, one that starts with knowing what you and your customers need and why. At Sabio, we work with a range of vendors, giving you an independent, expert perspective on what platform to choose. Our team works with you, getting to know what your customer needs and likes, from journey mapping and interface design through to monitoring and management.

Once we understand your customer we can look at the three key types of virtual assistant, to find out what you need.

  • FAQ – keeping the customer engaged with simple answers and links to existing content or journeys. Light touch with limited integration.  
  • Automation – integrating with your systems so customers can complete entire transactions, all within the VA environment.
  • Agent Assist – the same AI that helps customers can also support your team, helping them respond to complex queries quickly and accurately.

Once we understand which approach will help your customer the most, we move onto more detailed development.

  • Discovery – using your existing analytics, plus industry and behavioural insights, we plot out common contact scenarios and limits (when to hand over to a human agent).
  • Content creation – we create scripts based on in-house best practice and expertise, helping customers find what they need intuitively, in a tone consistent with your brand style.
  • Design – we make sure your chat interface integrates with your customer’s overall journey, while incorporating tried-and-tested best practice for different industries and regions.
  • Monitoring and management  –  Like any other team member, virtual assistants need ongoing oversight and training. We monitor performance, working with you to help upskill your VA when needed
  • Data insights  –  we help you analyse the metrics from your voice assistant, identifying wider contact trends or customer pain points on your website, so you can create new resources and journeys where it matters.

The result is a voice assistant that meets customer needs, provides an engaging experience, helps you get to know your customers better, and – crucially – hands over to humans at exactly the right moment. 

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