How does your customer service compare to the competition? Now you can find out. Industry benchmarking gives you a clear view on how you’re performing, so you can invest budget and resources where it matters most.

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See how you compare to peers on key metrics, and what to improve

If you want to improve service fast, benchmarking against your competitors is essential. Driving change isn’t just about measuring performance internally – you need an external perspective.

Sabio Index is an easy-to-use portal that benchmarks relevant customer service and digital metrics against your peers, and the wider industry. So you get an independent, reliable and authoritative view of where you need to focus money, time and resources to build loyalty and grow your business.

How it works

  • Measures your performance against competitors and your industry
  • Focuses on relevant metrics across three key areas of customer service
  • Identifies strengths, as well as areas to improve for greatest ROI

With over 1,000 reviews of contact centre performance, we’ve identified three areas that need continual monitoring: internal performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. These drive each other, as well as directly affecting your bottom line.

These external comparisons give you a clearer picture of your own operation’s strengths – as well as what needs work. So you can identify specific processes that need improving, and understand what improvements will mean for contact centre metrics, digital statistics and general performance.

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