Livechat Integration

Omnichannel across your customer journey

Engaging customers isn’t just a case of having the right channels. It’s also making sure they’re connecting in the way customers need them to. At Sabio, we make sure your live chat is working hard to help customers in the right way from start to finish.

Transform your customer service with Livechat

Making livechat work for your customers

Live chat is transforming customer service for all kinds of businesses. To work, it has to fit seamlessly into your overall experience. 

At Sabio, we take a joined-up approach, integrating chat into your existing channels, so customers get a consistent, smooth experience, particularly moving between self-service and in-person support.    

Customers definitely appreciate the way live chat gives them instant access to you. However the technology only works as well as the skills behind it – in other words, advisors on hand with the knowledge and decision-making power to give customers the help they need.

At Sabio, we help you work out where live chat works best in your customer journey, as well as how to make the most of your team’s resources to training to provide the best support.

We do this in a number of ways:

  • Recommending a live chat or digital engagement solution that works with your overall journey
  • Showing how to apply the same disciplines to chat as you do in your current customer services
  • Integrating live chat with other channels (like browsing) so it’s easy to switch within the same interaction

Making sure live chat is part of a continuous journey helps your customer and team have much more multi-faceted conversations – so you can solve even complex queries first time.

As well as working wonders for your customer experience, this also cuts incoming voice contact volumes as customers can self-serve much faster, or reach an advisor who can help them more quickly.

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