To drive efficiency and plan for the future, you need to know how your operation is performing now. Performance benchmarking analyses a wide range of KPIs, including efficiency, resourcing and quality, to show you what’s working and where to invest, for outstanding customer service.

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What is performance benchmarking?

Understanding what’s working – and what isn’t – inside your contact centre can be difficult. Without obvious metrics, like sales, to go on, you can miss opportunities for investment, or troubleshooting, that can make a real difference. A benchmarking tool will give you the data you need to see how you’re performing against your peers in key areas and give you action points to drive your business forward.

What does performance benchmarking give you?

  • Insight powered by data – measuring performance across over 80 KPIs.
  • Onsite audit – a review into different aspects of your day-to-day operations.
  • Technology audit – mapping strengths and weakness in your infrastructure.
  • Find out how you compare – data analysed and benchmarked against peers and industry.
  • Actionable steps – a workshop and full report on practical recommendations.

What does the process look like?

With the right approach, getting an inside look into how you’re performing doesn’t have to take too long. A typical benchmarking project would look something like this.

  • Week 1 – a day of call listening, interviews and a data collection meeting uncovers the KPIs that are important to the business, well as any essential context.
  • Week 2 – two days of data collation and validation across efficiency, digital, operational, resourcing, customer service and HR provides data from across your operations.
  • Week 3 – following data analysis, the benchmarking team compile and present a report showing you how you’re performing against peers and the wider industry, with recommendations.
  • Ideally repeated every 6 to 12 months to stay on track and keep driving performance.

Performance benchmarking with Bright

At Sabio, we’ve been benchmarking contact centre performance for over 20 years. Business leaders across every industry use our Sabio (Bright) Index to optimise contact centre performance, helping them balance budgets, resources and outstanding customer service.

With Bright you’ll get:

  • A full comparison of your most relevant KPIs, compared with relevant peers, as well as other sectors, and a total average.
  • A gap analysis of improvement areas and the potential cost saving opportunities.
  • An analysis and recommendations workshop discussing the results and building an action plan for the next 6 months.

Why choose Bright from Sabio?

  • Actionable – after six months, 80% of companies we work with had started implementing changes, with 20% planning to.
  • ROI – 100% of companies we work with said the first report paid for itself.
  • Recommended – all the clients we work with have told us they would recommend Bright to another company.

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