Airline is an out-of-the box platform that makes it easy to deliver AI and automation for Twilio, using Google Dialogflow and contact centre AI.


You can make self-serve more intuitive and flexible, saving advisors’ time while giving customers the help they need fast.


  • Solve routine queries 24/7 – intent-based, intelligent call routing helps customers check information like delivery updates, product issues or their account balance any time, day or night.
  • Better customer experience – customers with simple queries find answers first time, while reduced advisor workload means they can add more value when needed.
  • Improved advisor support – use agent assist prompts and automation to improve customer service and give advisors more time to focus on the customer
  • Complete control – easy-to-use interface helps you configure Google Contact Center AI for use with Twilio programmable voice and programmable messaging
  • Powerful and flexible analytics based on Google Looker, provides deep insight to virtual agent behaviour so you can drive higher levels of AI and customer experience.

How it works

  • Airline’s easy-to-use interface helps you configure and deploy Google Contact Center AI solutions on Twilio, with powerful built-in reporting based on Google’s enterprise grade BI tool: Looker, all fully integrated into Twilio Flex.
  • An agile approach and pay-per-use means you keep control of costs while configuring your system based on business needs.
  • Virtual agent harnesses the powerful conversational capabilities of Google Contact Center AI/Dialogflow for an intuitive customer experience.

Airline helps you tailor call routing to intent, for faster, more intuitive self-service – while agile development in the cloud and time-boxed costs make it a low-risk, cost-efficient way to transform your customer experience.