Sabio Console is the one-stop-shop for your AI & Automation needs. Connecting any customer contact channel with the AI engine best suited to your aspirations and fully integrated with your CRM/Desktop.

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Why choose Sabio Console?

  • Simplify the management of customer interactions

  • Contact center AI - make self-serve more intuitive and flexible, saving advisors’ time while giving your customers the help they need fast.

  • Reduce contact volumes to your contact center agents.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Cut staff training from weeks to days.

  • Identify and fix gaps in your digital knowledge bases.

  • Understand and respond to customer emotion and feedback

How it works

Console provides a flexible integration between common customer engagement channels (voice, SMS, WhatsApp and webchat) into leading natural language AI platforms including Google CCAI (both CX and ES). Console allows users to easily map channels to the relevant ‘bot’ and handles the complexity of media transport and session management, allowing customers to build rich, omni-channel (including channel switching) experiences for customers. 

Console provides a comfortable authoring experience to build out virtual agent interfaces for chat, with easily embedded rich media, as well as SSML for voice. The multi-lingual capabilities, including automatic language detection allows Console to be deployed across more than 70 languages. 

Console is designed with flexibility and scale in mind. It provides an intuitive user interface so customers can get started quickly, along with a comprehensive API for customisation and building more complex use-cases as customers scale-up. 

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Console supports your agents, tracks your customers experience and optimizes performance. Our analytics are designed to asses performance at scale, while still being in touch with each individuals experience.
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