CX Index

CX Index is a Voice of the Customer platform combining data and insights from your channels, so you can find out what customers really care about.

CX Index

Get to know your customers with CX Index

At Sabio, we’ve created CX Index Cloud to help you understand customers better than ever before. Our premium Voice of the Customer (VoC) application integrates with Genesys Cloud to gather and analyse customer feedback using powerful tools, including:

  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Case management
  • Social listening
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Gamification
  • Reputation management

Built for Genesys cloud

A premium app on the Genesys App Foundry, CX Index Cloud has a native integration into Genesys Cloud, which means it’s ready to deploy and run.

Omni-channel feedback with added features for analysing and tracking

As well as managing surveys and feedback forms, CX Index also listens in real-time across a variety channels inside and outside your organisation from text and email to Facebook and Twitter. It then uses a variety of features to analyse, visualise and track this data, helping you find measurable ways forward.

  • Surveys delivery and management – deliver surveys manually, or use customer opts-in to automate the process.
  • Feedback form design - design forms from scratch on our easy-to-use dashboard, or use our Survey Wizard to design something that meets your needs.
  • Engaging dashboards – with our intuitive and engaging dashboards anyone can track CX performance, with custom views for different stakeholders, like advisors or team managers.
  • Case management – follow individual cases so you can monitor, respond, filter, review, allocate, escalate and analyse any issue.

Natural language processing engine

CX Index includes a robust Natural Language processing engine that can solve almost any text analysis or Natural Language Processing problem including:

  • Sentiment analysis CX Index NLP engine can interpret text from any source, including survey responses, chat, IVR, and social media channels.
  • Speech to text analysis speech to text analysis can glean additional value from IVR interactions on the platform.
  • Data categorisation machine learning can attribute text into categories like complaints, opinions and questions, all customisable for your business.
  • Social listening a real-time listening post across a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Social interactions reply to Public and Private posts on both Twitter and Facebook in addition to Private and Direct Messages without leaving the Genesys Environment

Social messaging comes with a range of features to ensure that posts are prioritised based on a range of criteria, including the sentiment of the Tweet and influencers can be prioritised.

Information security

CX Index is certified for information security under ISO27001. We also work with experts inside and outside our business to make sure we uphold the latest information security standards worldwide.

Additional integrations

While the platform is integrated with Genesys, you can include data from other sources like your CRM, ERP and a host of additional channels, with our team on hand for support in case you need it. 


CX Index for Genesys is hosted on AWS, but if you need a more tailored hosting or deployment solution, our team will be happy to help.