Softphone’s phone software embeds into your existing CRM platform, saving time and creating a more user-friendly, personalised experience.

  • Compatible with your system – designed to integrate with platforms like ServiceNow, Zendesk and Salesforce, making it easy to use, as well as saving time moving between screens.
  • Serve and speak to customers in one place – no need to keep multiple windows open, just call, text and even share files through multimedia enriched calls from your CRM workspace.
  • Customisable functions – Softphone interface is customisable, and includes standard and extended CTI functions, to suit your team’s needs.  
  • Personalised and secure – boost security and cut risk of copy-paste errors with relevant information to hand for ingoing and outgoing calls.

Improve first-time problem resolution with smartphone and CRM functions in one place. 

Help customers faster with real-time multimedia information exchange and automated CRM actions and updates.