Switching between email, voice and web to complete tasks might be normal, but it’s not ideal. Enter SuperChannel.


How it works

  • User friendly – send your customer an SMS with a link to a content share session. They can share documents, pictures, live video, geolocation details and electronic payment, all through voice channels.
  • Platform independent – SuperChannel works with your existing PBX, CTI or CRM system, so your team don’t need to use a different application.
  • Cloud-based – Superchannel works on a pay-per-use basis, there’s no infrastructure investment, just implement and run.
  • Works on all smartphones with a data connection, whether that’s wifi, 3G or higher.

Boost first-time problem resolution, and improve customer experience, by sharing photos, video, documents and payment all during a voice call.

Real-time multimedia information exchange helps you save costs by streamlining processes, helping agents complete tasks in far less time.