Brilliant Customer Experiences – everywhere, every time

Showcasing CX Innovation at DISRUPT CX 2019 Singapore

Brilliant Customer Experiences – everywhere, every time

Having joined the Sabio Group following the acquisition of flexAnswer Solutions in January this year, it was great to welcome attendees to the recent DISRUPT CX 2019 event held in our new Singapore headquarters.

In my role as Managing Director for Sabio APAC operations, it’s been an exciting time embedding the flexAnswer Virtual Assistant capability into the broader Sabio Group offering. Our DISRUPT CX 2019 event last week provided a great platform to demonstrate this – not just in terms of building automation into digital and voice customer journeys, but also by empowering our clients with the insight they need to ensure better visibility, increased responsiveness and greater control across every interaction.

Our packed agenda provided an update on the Sabio Group, insights into innovations driving today’s disruptive CX agenda, and also an overview of the broader Sabio Digital, Sabio Solutions and Sabio Insight propositions.

Commenting on the sheer pace of change today, Sabio Group Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart Dorman said: “we’re seeing advances across key areas such as AI-enabled contact centre technology, speech recognition and Internet of Things sensors now accelerating at such a pace that it’s critical for organisations to have a disruptive mindset when it comes to effective service delivery. Collectively, these and other innovations are enabling organisations to completely re-think how the customer or citizen digital experience can be delivered. Given that – as users – we increasingly measure the quality of our experiences by how in control we feel, or how easy it is to accomplish a task, the opportunity to remove friction from even the most complex journeys is set to dramatically reshape digital engagement.”

The Singapore event followed on from the success of similar DISRUPT CX 2019 conferences in London and Madrid, and provided a great opportunity to set out Sabio’s determination to help keep its clients ahead of the game when it comes to providing excellent customer experiences – each and every time. I was delighted that key Sabio Group clients, including the Singapore Government and M1 were able to attend. We asked for their DISRUPT CX 2019 impressions – here’s what they thought:

Singapore Government

One of flexAnswer’s most successful implementations to date is Singapore’s Whole of Government ‘Ask Jamie’ Virtual Assistant, in partnership with GovTech Singapore. With over 80 Internet and Intranet sites deployed, Ask Jamie has been an instrumental platform in the Singapore Government’s efforts to improve service delivery.

“As we embark on our smart nation journey, we will continue to use technology to improve the lives of citizens, and bring more convenience to them especially during key moments of their lives,” said Dominic Chan, Moments of Life Director at GovTech. “DISRUPT CX 2019 also validated our research into how innovations such as AI, improved speech recognition are set to reshape citizen journeys. This resonates deeply with GovTech’s mission to build user-centric services with citizens at heart.”


M1 – Singapore’s most dynamic communications company with over two million customers – is focused on delivering the best possible customer experience and simplifying its customer journey.

According to Stamford Low, Director Customer Experience & Retail, M1: “as part of our strategic transformation we’re constantly refining our customer experience based on changing customer needs and expectations. Providing our customers with easy and personalised journey experience is core to strengthening our customer relationships. Hearing Sabio’s take on the need to reduce friction at every point of the customer journey echoed our own approach, and DISRUPT CX 2019 was a great opportunity to learn more about the company’s plans around Virtual Assistant development.”

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