Sabio customer SCC to outline benefits of Virtual Assistants

Next week’s ‘C3’ Conversational Commerce Conference in London, presented by Opus Research, focuses in on the real-world opportunities and challenges presented by conversational engagement.

Sabio customer SCC to outline benefits of Virtual Assistants

As an event sponsor and long-term supporter of the event, Sabio is supporting the Network Reception for the conference on Tuesday 8th May. We’re also delighted that Sabio customer SCC will be presenting at the event, and explaining how its Virtual Agent solution is now leveraging the Nuance NINA speech engine to manage inbound requests from the company’s IT services customers.

SCC’s Chief Innovation Officer Ian Sherratt will be outlining the benefits that Virtual Assistants can provide in terms of responsiveness and accessibility. He will also detail how the Sabio deployment is supporting the broader SCC IT services business – particularly around scalability and adaptability, as well as its immediate business impact.

SCC were particularly impressed by user acceptance of its TrinITy Virtual Agent project, particularly as its natural language based chatbot was able to handle an impressive 30% of inbound calls within just two weeks. In his C3 presentation, Ian will stress how continual learning and improvement is critical to the success of Virtual Agent projects. He’ll also set out how this ability to learn cognitively – based on outcomes and probabilities generated from real interactions – can have a positive impact in terms of reducing the impact of high call volumes and also in helping to reduce the cost of managing common requests to a service desk.

To learn more about how you can broaden customer access with the latest intelligent virtual assistant technologies, download Sabio’s white paper here.

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