Transforming Communications: How VoiceAbility is Amplifying Empathy with Advanced Cloud Solutions

VoiceAbility recently embarked on an ambitious mission to overhaul its legacy telephony system to unlock the power of digital innovation. As a charity supporting vulnerable individuals for over four decades, they recognised the pressing need to upgrade their communication infrastructure to match the evolving speed and complexity of modern interaction challenges. 

Transforming Communications: How VoiceAbility is Amplifying Empathy with Advanced Cloud Solutions

To spearhead this transformation, VoiceAbility partnered with us at Sabio Group.  


Well, we’re global leaders in blending human engagement with cutting-edge digital technologies across cloud contact centre and CRM solutions. 

The Stark Reality of Legacy Systems 

VoiceAbility’s previous telephony setup was no longer up to the task in today’s dynamic context. From scaling support services as demands ballooned to tracking client interactions meaningfully - persistent product limitations were diminishing both operational efficacies as well as human-centric customer experiences. 

Most critically, as an organisation entrusted with highly confidential client information from some of society’s most vulnerable, it was crucial that VoiceAbility implemented robust security protocols beyond the capabilities of its legacy communication products. As an independent charity dedicated to providing advocacy and involvement services, to sustain and augment its mission to uphold the civic rights of those it represents they needed communication solutions tailored for today’s digitally-driven world. 

The Amazon Connect & Salesforce Combo: Unified, Secure and Scalable 

To eliminate these challenges, Sabio proposed and oversaw the implementation of Amazon Connect with the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice platform over an ambitious 13-week sprint. 

With Amazon Connect’s enterprise-grade scalability, reliability and security fortified by Salesforce’s unified CRM ecosystem, VoiceAbility was set to transform call management forever. 

From AI-enabled functionalities like calls transcription, sentiment analysis and automated voicemail handling to robust disaster recovery protocols and simplified agent routing mechanisms - this combo allowed VoiceAbility to amplify operational efficiencies by focusing its human capital on constructive client engagement. 

Early Results & The Road Ahead 

This implementation has already unlocked tremendous potential for VoiceAbility, including: 

  • More meaningful conversations as call handling times were reduced by 20 seconds on average 

  • Detecting caller sentiments faster to drive better support 

  • Simplified training and onboarding new team members 

  • And over 50% lower staff turnover! 

VoiceAbility is now looking to build on this momentum, and they envisage leveraging more advanced analytics for granular insights to continually enhance empathy-driven customer experiences.  

Be it optimising staff allocation using forecasts or even exploring emerging technologies like conversational AI - this future-proof foundation offers endless opportunities to sustainably scale support services. 

By securing mission-critical communication capabilities through working with our specialists at Sabio, VoiceAbility has opened up an exciting new chapter of inclusive civic progress for the long haul! 

Find out exactly what we did with VoiceAbility in our recently published case study
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