Transition to an OnDemand hosted IP Office with Avaya Contact Centre Select

For organisations wanting to optimise investment in their Avaya CS1000 platform, but still not miss out on the opportunities offered by the latest open standard SIP architectures, migrating to a hosted platform represents a smart choice.

Transition to an OnDemand hosted IP Office with Avaya Contact Centre Select

That’s why last year Avaya introduced its Avaya Contact Centre Select (ACCS) on IP Office; a solution based on Avaya Aura Contact Centre with features designed specifically to support the IP Office architecture and market. With the release of ACCS 6.4.2 in December, a full range of commercial and technical migration capabilities made it possible for organisations to seamlessly transition from their CS1000-based contact centres to a future-proof IP Office environment.

IP Office has all the communication features needed to run an environment of up to 3,000 endpoints, with built-in voicemail, conferencing capabilities and call recording, and also via ACCS to support up to 250 agents – with all the kind of rich multi-channel contact centre functionality today’s contact centres demand.

Instead of sticking with their older CS1000 systems and facing rising support charges, organisations can now transition their current investment in contact centre licenses to IP Office.

Working closely with AvayaConnect Platinum Partners such as Sabio, CS1000 users can also take advantage of the proven flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a hosted model. For example, with Sabio OnDemand – Sabio’s new cloud-enabled hosted service offering – organisations can transition their CS1000 environment to IP Office. This will enable them to benefit from significantly increased flexibility in terms of deployment and payment models as well as the ability to easily scale customer engagement services up and down according to demand levels.

With its new OnDemand hosted proposition, Sabio is directly addressing the growing need for companies to take advantage of cloud-based customer engagement technologies. Hosted solutions like this present a clear case for CS1000 customers who would rather invest in a next generation platform rather than paying for an older and increasingly expensive system.

So for organisations still using the CS1000 platform, the good news is that there is a range of migration paths available to them. Transitioning to IP Office via ACCS presents a particularly smart choice – especially given the cost of ownership benefits offered by hosted solutions such as Sabio OnDemand.

If you’re a CS1000 user and want to find out how migrating to IP Office and running your contact centre operations within a hosted environment could help your business, then get in touch with Sabio at [email protected], or learn more about the Sabio OnDemand offer here.

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