DatapointEurope secures Avaya Spain’s 2017 Contact Centre Partner of the Year Award

Leading CX technology specialist wins another major award for The Sabio Group

DatapointEurope secures Avaya Spain’s 2017 Contact Centre Partner of the Year Award

MADRID –  Avaya (NYSE:AVYA) has awarded DatapointEurope, part of the Sabio Group, the prestigious Contact Centre Partner of the Year Award for Spain 2017. The award reflects DatapointEurope’s continued success in delivering transformational customer experience technology and managed service solutions based on Avaya’s Unified Communications and Contact Centre technologies.

“The last year has seen DatapointEurope set the standard in Avaya Spain’s Edge partner community – not only achieving significant commercial success but also supporting customers in their transition to next generation solutions,” said Javier Velasco, Avaya’s Managing Director for Spain. “Additionally, as part of Sabio, DatapointEurope is ideally placed to provide sophisticated customer journey solutions based on Avaya’s Oceana omnichannel customer engagement technology. We look forward to continued joint success as DatapointEurope continues to seize the commercial initiative.”

Commenting on the award, Jose Luis Aroza, DatapointEurope’s Managing Director for Spain, said: “over the last year we have continued to invest in our Avaya skills and have achieved considerable success by transitioning Avaya customers to an advanced managed service model. Winning Avaya Spain’s 2017 Contact Centre Partner of the Year Award is a proud achievement for DatapointEurope, and we will continue to build on this as we extend our portfolio to take advantage of the latest Avaya Breeze and Oceana technologies.”

“This award follows Sabio UK’s recent success in being selected as Avaya’s 2017 UK Contact Centre Partner of the Year, and the company’s recognition last month as the first Avaya EMEA and APAC partner to achieve full Avaya Oceana Accreditation,” added Russell Sheldon, Chief Commercial Officer for the Sabio Group. “Collectively these awards confirm Sabio Group as the smart choice for organisations looking to drive their CX and digital transformation initiatives.”

DatapointEurope and Sabio have held the highest-level Avaya partner accreditations for almost 15 years, and Sabio Group is recognised for its ability to deliver and manage end-to-end contact centre and digital transformation solutions – including those based on the latest Avaya Breeze and Oceana technologies.

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