Sabio OnDemand delivers world-leading Avaya functionality as part of fully integrated hosted contact centre offering

Sabio, the leading contact centre technology specialist, has launched Sabio OnDemand – a powerful, fully-integrated hosted offering that provides contact centre operators with access to the world’s most popular Customer Engagement Solutions from Avaya.

Sabio OnDemand delivers world-leading Avaya functionality as part of fully integrated hosted contact centre offering

At launch, Sabio OnDemand will feature a cloud-enabled hosted service offering – Sabio OnDemand powered by Avaya. The service will provide organisations of all sizes with increased flexibility in terms of deployment and payment models, as well as the ability to easily scale Customer Engagement services up and down according to demand levels. Sabio OnDemand services will take advantage of the company’s comprehensive international virtual cloud-based hosting capability and in-depth contact centre expertise to deliver best practice customer contact technologies based on Avaya’s IP Office Contact Centre technology.

“While research firm ContactBabel found that around 48% of UK contact centre operators are currently using cloud-based services within their business, to date less than a quarter of UK contact centre operators have taken advantage of hosted platforms to power their customer contact operations,” commented Sabio Director, Adam Faulkner. “A key reason for this is that thousands of organisations across the world already rely on award-winning Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions to help differentiate their customer contact performance. Sabio OnDemand combines the best of both worlds, enabling organisations to continue relying on Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions, but now delivered in a more flexible, hosted model that’s backed by a proven contact centre technology specialist with comprehensive Avaya accreditations.”

“With its innovative OnDemand hosted proposition, Sabio is addressing the growing demand for companies to take advantage of cloud-based customer engagement technologies while enabling a manageable transition from premises-based operations,” added Ioan MacRae, head of midmarket business for Europe, Avaya. “Sabio OnDemand powered by Avaya will provide organisations with a flexible cloud-enabled contact centre solution through the expertise of a long-established, award-winning Avaya Connect Platinum Partner.

“In Sabio OnDemand we’re directly addressing customer demand for newer deployment models, seamless upgrades, rapid deployment and increased flexibility – without compromising any of the performance and quality that organisations rely on to differentiate themselves in today’s increasingly complex and competitive customer service world,” added Adam Faulkner. “As a proven communications specialist, delivering enterprise-class connectivity solutions that already support thousands of contact centre agents in many of the world’s leading organisations, Sabio is ideally placed to provide contact centre operators with the hosted communications solutions they’ve been waiting for.”

Sabio OnDemand powered by Avaya delivers private, virtual cloud-based multi-channel communications to provide organisations with the flexibility of hosted services coupled with Sabio’s proven in-depth contact centre expertise. Key functionality includes channel of choice flexibility via phone, email, chat or SMS, a unified view of overall contact centre performance, a single point of administration, low cost telephony via SIP technology, as well as rapid deployment times, updates and 24/7 premium support from Sabio’s specialist Glasgow-based support centre.

Sabio OnDemand ‘powered by Avaya’ extends value to those seeking hosted models and the simple set-up of new agents and supervisors in any location. The service is ideal for managing peak or seasonal demands, as well as supporting business continuity, mobile and remote agent strategies.

Sabio OnDemand solutions are hosted in a Sabio data centre and delivered via a standardised implementation method that draws on the company’s in-depth operational best practice expertise providing award-winning contact centre solutions to organisations of all sizes. The Sabio OnDemand platform is entirely hosted and managed by Sabio, and requires minimal customer IT expertise to support its ‘powered by Avaya’ solution.

Sabio is Avaya’s current Partner of the Year, and recently celebrated its 10th consecutive year as an Avaya Connect Platinum Partner.

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