Why CLOUD can help you achieve your business objectives

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Why CLOUD can help you achieve your business objectives

Session Focus:

In this online session James Hughes and Paul Brassington discussed and reviewed the practical steps that you need to take when preparing to move to the cloud. They also provided anecdotes and examples of the business outcomes that many of our clients seek to achieve in making a move to cloud based technologies and services.

Why it’s important

Cloud is here to stay. Many businesses are migrating their contact centres to the cloud to help drive Customer Experience and improve agility.  Cloud is not new of course, but there does seem to be some extra impetuous given the impact the pandemic has had on organisations and their customers.

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Data is telling us that while businesses over the last few years have been preparing for “peak voice” (a point in time where demand for the voice channel starts to erode), the pandemic in many cases has caused a spike in voice demand. This spike in demand for the voice channel is then closely followed with an increase in demand for digital channels due to the fact that some customers have been inadequately served on the voice channel because the contact centre is overloaded.

Can moving to the cloud solve these challenges?

Will moving to the cloud improve agility and customer experience?

Absolutely, if that’s right for your business. A word of caution however, some organisations are spending £m’s to migrate their environment to the cloud only to find once live, they have parity in terms of features and capabilities as they did with their previous on-premise platform. More importantly, they now have to embark on a customer experience strategy 1-2 years later than they had hoped.

Let us focus on the opportunity for organisations here. If you consider your total cost of ownership of your current platform both technically and operationally, most organisations would see a positive and significant return on investment (ROI) if they were to embark on the right customer experience strategy with the right service provider. The outcome: lower costs, greater agility and improved customer and employee engagement.

During this online session we will also discuss and encourage organisations to take a true cost impact review of their current environment and look at any areas where customer experience could be improved.



Moving to the cloud can improve agility and customer experience. In my experience most organisations see a positive and significant ROI.

James Hughes, Group Head of Solutions




At Sabio we’ve been helping businesses move their CX operations to the cloud for over five years now, so I truly believe we have the knowledge and experience to help you decide and navigate the road ahead that is right for your business.

Paul Brassington, Principal Solution Manager.

Paul Brassington




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