CX Realities 2020 - The story of COVID-19 and how customer service responded

CX Realities 2020 - The story of COVID-19 and how customer service responded

Sabio invested in this research because it is clear we are entering a period of pivotal change. This pandemic has catalysed an extraordinary leap of capability on the journey to become digital first organisations. We felt it important to share the early chapters of this unfolding story to provide a point of reflection and insight for the common good.

We have also used what we have learnt to provide some practical advice to inform the next chapter we are all about to live through. We would like to thank everyone who offered their time and insight to make this possible.

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Highlights of the White Paper:

  • Heroic Levels of Achievement
  • Business Continuity Under The Microscope
  • Channel Mix Undergoes Rapid Evolution
  • Homeworking - A Mixed Blessing
  • Right Sizing Homeworking Teams
  • Re-learning How To Develop High Performing Teams
  • Doubling Down on Customer Experience
Want to learn more?

Watch our webinar recording where we reviewed the findings of Sabio’s CX Realities 2020 report, looking at the impact of COVID-19 on how we behave as organisations, employees and consumers.

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