Taking the frustration out of digital payments

How Sabio is leveraging best practice PCI DSS secure card payments technology to enable digital card payments within its webchat and virtual assistant self-service channels

Taking the frustration out of digital payments

While digital self-service is now the starting point for most customers, it’s all too common for interactions to break down when there’s a requirement to transition between self-service and assisted service channels.

Bridging this digital gap is critical to reducing customer frustration, particularly as organisations work to deliver seamless engagement across the entire customer journey.

Making payments is one of the key reasons why customers have to quit their self-service interaction in order to complete a transaction. This typically involves being transferred to an agent in the contact centre so that payments can be collected. Not surprisingly when these transitions break down, they are the cause of considerable customer frustration.

Recognising this, Sabio has been working to provide organisations with a solution that will enable customers to make secure payments online – while remaining engaged via their self-service channel of choice. Building on Semafone’s proven card payments approach by eliminating the need to store, process or transmit cardholder data, this new solution effectively takes your digital payment channels out of scope for PCI DSS.

The result is a solution that quickly and easily generates secure digital payment links that are sent to customers across any digital channel, from webchat and virtual assistants through to social media and other mobile channels. Eliminating the need for organisations to store, process or transmit cardholder data, this new approach opens up a variety of self-service payment options. This will not only help deliver a significantly improved customer experience but also simplify payments compliance for organisations.

And, perhaps more significantly, bringing payments flexibility to digital channels will also support organisations as they work to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

To find out more about how Sabio can help you build secure and PCI DSS compliant payments into your key digital channels, get in touch with me at [email protected].

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