Imagine a world where you could predict and understand your customers’ needs before they contact you. Make data-driven decisions a reality with our analytics technology. 


Whether you are looking to predict your customers’ pain points or uncover new ways to optimise your workforce, data is the answer. We use a range of monitoring technology across every area of your business to compile advanced data analytics that shows you what your customers want, what your staff spends its time on, and more. This empowers you to use your resources as intelligently as possible and direct them to the right target every time. 

Voice of the Employee

When it comes to building a great customer experience, your most important asset – and biggest investment by far – is your team. Voice of the Employee is a solution that helps managers understand their teams better, so you can build the motivation and engagement that translates into a winning service.

Voice of the Customer

Outstanding CX starts with knowing what customers need and want, as well as their habits, preferences and aspirations. A Voice of the Customer solution gathers and analyses data from different touchpoints, so you can really understand your audience, and build a service they’ll keep coming back to.

Workforce Optimisation

When it comes to building good customer relationships, the human touch is essential. It’s also an expensive resource you don’t want to waste. Workforce Optimisation (WFO) uses data to match people power to demand more effectively, for better customer service and a more engaged team.

Intent Capture & Analysis

Why are customers calling you? You’d be surprised. Intent Capture and Analysis (IC&A) uses Google Cloud’s Contact Centre AI to find out why customers are getting in touch – giving you rich insights to help shape your automated service.

Customer journey analytics

Imagine tackling pain points before they become problems, and knowing what customers need before they do. Welcome to customer journey analytics, monitoring technology that gives you a cross-channel picture of how your service is performing, so you’re always one step ahead.