Customer journey analytics

Imagine tackling pain points before they become problems, and knowing what customers need before they do. Welcome to customer journey analytics, monitoring technology that gives you a cross-channel picture of how your service is performing, so you’re always one step ahead.    

How well do you know your customers?

Get a true, cross-channel perspective with customer journey analytics

In today’s world, customers interact with you across multiple touchpoints, making it difficult to measure and improve your service. Using different reporting tools for each channel takes time and doesn’t always give you a clear picture.

Our approach links data cross the customer journey so you can find out not just what happened, but why, making it easier to predict what might happen next.

Customer journey analytics includes

  • Customer journey visualisation
  • Demand tracking and benchmarking
  • Sentiment and intent analysis

Deeper customer journey insights

Whether it’s uncovering complex issues or improving self-service, customer journey analytics uses advanced data to build different kinds of predictive models, including:

  • Customer effort and sentiment
  • Potential fraud activity
  • Propensity to buy, churn or complain

Whatever industry you’re in, customer journey analytics shows you what’s standing in your customer’s way – so you have the insights you need to deliver a brilliant experience.

IDC Infobrief - Digital Innovation in the Contact Centre

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