Intent Capture
& Analysis

Why are customers calling you? You’d be surprised. Intent Capture and Analysis (IC&A) uses Google Cloud’s Contact Centre AI to find out why customers are getting in touch – giving you rich insights to help shape your automated service.

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Enhance your voice channels with intent capture and analysis

Voice automation is a digital user interface, and like all interfaces, it needs continual measuring, optimising and fine tuning to meet customer needs. Gathering data on why customers are calling you is an essential part of making sure your automation is genuinely helping customers.

You might think you know what’s behind those calls, but assumptions can often be wrong. Intent capture and analysis gives you hard data to help steer your strategy and decisions.

How it works

  • Set up within hours using Google Cloud
  • Start gaining insights on day one
  • Unbiased, unprecedented view of customer behaviour

Our process

  • We review real-world caller reasons and group these by intent
  • We analyse these high-level intents to find out what’s behind them
  • We train the AI engine, repeating the deep-dive analysis multiple times per week

“Our focus is on providing customers with the ability to self serve when it’s the best option for them and our business. This allows our contact centre team to spend more time on conversations that require a human touch.”

Barry Webb, BGL Group

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