When it comes to building good customer relationships, the human touch is essential. It’s also an expensive resource you don’t want to waste. Workforce Optimisation (WFO) uses data to match people power to demand more effectively, for better customer service and a more engaged team.

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Workforce optimisation means working smarter

WFO solutions help you to streamline the way your contact centre teams are performing, not only improving your customer experience but also boosting productivity in measurable ways.

A combination of staffing, coaching and performance monitoring tools, workforce optimisation gives you a number of advantages, including:

  • Matching headcount to service levels, known as workforce management (WFM)
  • Creating a better experience for advisors and customers
  • Increasing team engagement and retention
  • Understanding how your people are really feeling
  • Tracking performance against your key KPIs like NPS and CSAT
  • Allocating coaching to advisors who need it
  • Automating processes to help reduce the load on supervisors
  • Uncovering customer journey pain points, improving CX and loyalty

How we can help with workforce optimisation

Wherever you are on your WFO journey, we have a range of solutions and approaches that can help you get where you want to be. These include:

Workforce Optimisation

Flexible and adaptable to suit your customers

At Sabio, we offer different ways to approach WFO, so you have the resilience, security, scale and agility you need to support your customers best. These include full, on-premise deployments, private cloud instances we can host ourselves, and multi-tenant SaaS options for smaller organisations. We also give you full support if you’re moving from on-premise WFO infrastructure to hosted, pay-per-usage platforms.

Achieving your WFO business objectives with Sabio

With over 15 years’ in-depth expertise in the field, we’re an ideal partner to help make WFO work for you, improving customer experience every day with a more engaged, more efficient team.  

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