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Find out how you can support your advisors as they adapt to world of longer and more demanding interactions.


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CX leaders always talk about how people are their #1 asset.

You probably say much the same kind of thing ... how your contact centre team represents your brand, how each day they go above and beyond to serve your customers. And you mean it.

Yet at the same time you’re also busy prioritising digital transformation, and looking for ways to improve efficiency and customer engagement by accelerating the adoption of automation and AI technologies.

These initiatives have proved great at automating simple processes and fielding routine customer questions. However, this shift is also fundamentally changing the nature of today’s contact centre advisor role.

Instead of handling a mix of interactions throughout a typical day, your contact centre team is being left to field only the more complex, urgent and emotional customer journeys. And this sustained workload is placing huge pressures on your advisors.

There’s a real risk that you could be leaving your people behind

As an industry we manage advisor performance at every available opportunity – but it's rare that we actually monitor advisor wellbeing. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that so many advisors end up frustrated in their roles. Ever wondered why so many of your contact centre advisors leave each year? Ever worked out just how much this sustained attrition is costing your business? Ever thought that you could be making the advisor role much more difficult than it should be?

That’s why our new eBook focuses on Human Service, suggesting that it’s time for us to make sure we’re all supporting contact centre teams with the technology and solutions they need to deliver the kind of experiences customers increasingly expect. Sabio’s Human Service eBook outline the benefits that can come from reaching inwards into the contact centre – applying the same powerful technologies that you’re already using to support customer journeys.

Download our latest Human Service eBook to find out how you can support your advisors as they adapt to world of longer and more demanding interactions.

Download to discover:

  • Learn why it’s so important to monitor advisor wellbeing, particularly given the average 15% advisor attrition rate across many countries
  • Find out more about ways to keep advisors engaged and performing at a higher level
  • Understand the true cost of replacing and training contact centre advisors, and save up to £1m a year if you’re running a 500-seat operation
  • Discover how to enable truly integrated assisted agent desktops – giving advisors the tools they need to deliver high quality customer experiences


Enabling Human Service performance with Sabio

At Sabio we offer a full portfolio of Human Service solutions and services to help support your advisors as they adapt to a world of longer and more demanding conversations. From agile advisor desktops to smart AI tools that can assist your advisors, you can make sure you’re doing everything you can to enable Human Service performance and support advisor wellbeing.

With the critical role played by contact centre advisors changing, we recognise that advisors will need much more support during and after interactions. Rather than focus just on technology, Sabio’s approach to Human Service is built around process and business outcomes. And because no two Human Service engagements are exactly the same, we recommend you adopt an iterative approach focused on addressing specific challenges – rather than simply issuing a comprehensive RFP based on potentially incorrect assumptions.

Supporting Human Service with proven CX solutions

Sabio’s deep expertise in delivering proven CX solutions means we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that we can use to support Human Service. At each stage our goal is to focus our solutions both inwards and outwards. We work to find ways not just to optimise advisor performance and differentiated customer journeys, but also to provide a supportive working environment that’s designed at every stage to remove frustration and encourage advisor wellbeing.

That’s why we first work to Inform your Human Service requirements: assessing, benchmarking and challenging your current processes. We can then deliver the outcomes that will help Transform your Human Service operations, with specific project goals to help you unlock value quickly. The next stage is to track how your ongoing operations Perform, drawing on data-driven analysis to provide a framework for continued innovation.

The Sabio

Our Process

Assessing, benchmarking and challenging your current processes.

  • Intent Capture and Analysis
  • Workforce Management (WFM) / Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) / Workforce Optimisation (WFO)
  • Speech Analytics
  • Service Advisor Mental Health + Wellbeing

Unlock value quickly with specific project goals

  • Salesforce Service Cloud + Telephony
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator
  • Agent Assist
  • Bots-as-a-Service

Draw on data-driven analysis to provide a framework for continued innovation

  • Voice of the Employee (VOE)
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Agent Workspace / Contact Centre Agent Desktop
  • Continuous Development 


Understanding where you are now

Before starting on any Human Service transformation project it’s critical to understand exactly where you are in terms of supporting your agent performance. Here Sabio consultants work with you to plot your progress against the CX maturity curve, benchmark against your competitors and challenge existing assumptions. We then engage to identify the best, future-forward technologies that will allow you to deliver against your short, medium and long-term objectives. Key Sabio Human Service solutions that help organisations to build rich insights include:

  • Intent Capture and Analysis - Sabio’s Analytics approach links data across the customer journey to help you predict what could happen next. Our powerful Intent Capture & Analysis capability also provides advisors with the granular detail of each caller’s contact intent, helping to create a more seamless journey
  • Workforce Management (WFM) / Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) / Workforce Optimisation (WFO) – leveraging WFM solutions help unlock cost savings that can be re-invested in coaching and advisor development. They can also be configured to support advisors to accommodate their more complex workload
  • Speech Analytics – analysing customer interactions to identify areas where advisors can better prepare for their next interaction. Actions here can include coaching or learning and development programmes aimed at either filling in gaps or improving soft skills
  • Service Advisor Mental Health & Wellbeing – an essential programme that within 10-12 weeks can help you to support your advisors’ mental health and wellbeing by analysing their daily routine and surfacing insights. A virtual mental health & wellness coach is also featured to help your advisors navigate their emotions, stresses, pressures and boosts


Transforming contact centre advisor performance

Sabio Human Service projects are designed to deliver value early and often, with a toolset that’s designed to reduce risk, remove complexity and deliver repeatable, transformational results. Key Sabio components here include:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud + Telephony – Sabio enables existing Salesforce customers to integrate their telephony technology of choice into their Service Cloud solution. By integrating communication channels directly into the CRM, Sabio’s offering not only improves advisor productivity but also reduces the cost of context switching
  • Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator – drawing on the deep expertise of Sabio’s makepositive Salesforce practice, Service Cloud Accelerator helps cut Salesforce Service Cloud deployment times by 35% and costs by 40%. This approach reduces time-to-value for organisations looking to deploy their first Customer Relationship Management CRM solution or migrate to Salesforce, with solutions fully extensible after deployment. This allows clients to maximise their Salesforce investment and develop more comprehensive Customer Engagement Centre capabilities
  • Agent Assist – leverages the latest Google AI technology to assist contact centre advisors when they interact with customers by suggesting knowledge or next best actions – or even automating entire workflows. Agent Assist enhances the advisor experience and improves efficiency through the use of AI-powered assistance tools
  • Bots-as-a-Service – Sabio works closely with clients to ensure that automated bot services complement human service with the kind of informed hand-offs between your AI and advisors that characterise a brilliant customer experience. The CX focus here is on refining disjointed journeys and disconnected experiences to remove friction from advisor conversations

Providing a framework for sustained advisor performance improvement

Combining continuous data-driven analysis, monitoring employee and customer sentiment and our depth of experience enables Sabio to deliver large-scale, compliant Human Service projects efficiently and pragmatically. Having lots of partners means we have a broad technology stack, allowing us to supply more appropriate solutions tailored to match your requirements. Key Sabio components to support sustained advisor performance include:

  • Voice of the Employee (VOE) – Sabio Voice of Employee is a cloud-based employee engagement survey application that allows for instant analysis and supports contact centre teams in driving a continuous coaching and performance management culture. Conducting regular pulse surveys helps temperature check engagement during busy or challenging periods, helping you to spot emerging trends before they become demotivating issues
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) – Our Voice of the Customer software captures and analyses customer feedback at every step, asking customers to rate their experience. Continuous measurement allows you to see what’s happening across your business, flag any issues that need to be addressed, and close the feedback loop by resolving issues raised by customers
  • Agent Workspace / Contact Centre Agent Desktop – featuring the latest innovations and open widget framework technologies, our Agent Workspace and Agent Desktop solutions are designed to boost advisor performance through seamless data source integrations to create a truly unified agent desktop. This allows for real-time course correction and iterative approaches that enable frictionless advisor effort to maximise customer experiences
  • Continuous Development – Sabio supports your Human Service transformation through our Managed Service Optimisation methodology that features an iterative and agile approach to improve your business outcomes. We follow a simple Operate/Assist model that provides you and your team with ongoing success management to maximise your Human Service investment.

Sabio Human Service in action:

  • Read how consumer credit financial services firm NewDay provides agents with the correct information from which to make key decisions quicker
  • See how leading insurance firm Allianz Direct helped save advisors 15 minutes at the start and end of each day by streamlining the applications they needed
  • And how specialist car, van and motorbike finance specialist Moneybarn worked with Sabio to identify advisor performance improvement opportunities based around Voice of the Customer feedback
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