Faster and more effective customer journeys

Faster and more effective customer journeys

Regardless of how they get in touch, your customers want their questions answered quickly and efficiently.

That’s where an intelligent Virtual Assistant can help, simplifying customer journeys and giving people the answers they need – each and every time. With flexAnswer, Sabio sets the Virtual Assistant standard.

Bringing together almost 20 years’ experience providing intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions to public and private sector organisations, flexAnswer’s innovative platform supports enterprise deployments with key benefits including:

Reduced contact centre demand

– with enquiries cut by around 30% - and in some cases by up to 50% - contact centre agents can focus on more complex interactions

Improved customer experience

– with queries resolved with over 90% accuracy, customers benefit from simpler and faster interaction

Increased customer satisfaction

– more than 95% of customers found answers to be helpful, contributing to improved CSAT scores

Consistent, integrated experience

– powerful integration provides escalation to alternative channels such as live chat should customers require extra support

Proven solution

– flexAnswer brings almost 20 years’ proven expertise, ensuring solutions are intuitive, sound natural and directly address customer needs

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