As customers get more confident with switching, and growing compliance pressures, it’s more important than ever to create the experience your audience wants.


Start your telco CX journey with Sabio

Many telcos know that CX is going to be a powerful tool for their business, bringing in extra revenue while keeping customers, and regulators, happy. At Sabio, we can help in a number of ways:

  • Developing simple, streamlined journeys that make mobile and broadband offers clear.
  • Ensuring compliance with ongoing Ofcom regulatory guidelines, as well as FCA and GDPR.
  • Creating frictionless cross-channel journeys, for more satisfied customers.
  • Reducing switching through better personalisation, loyalty rewards and offers.
  • Balancing smarter self-service with the human touch.

What we offer

At Sabio, we’ve worked with some of Europe’s leading telco companies, and can help you transform your customer experience through technology and insights, working with your team at every step: 

  • Comprehensive CX design and customer journey mapping.
  • Deep customer insights, benchmarked against best practice, and employee feedback.
  • Voice of the Customer view, to help you meet Ofcom, FCA and GDPR compliance.
  • Generating leads by identifying customers who don’t ever get through to the call centre.
  • Secure voice automation, including user authentication, all integrated into your call centre.
  • Bringing your services together into one omnichannel hosted contact centre.
  • Using data to optimise your workforce, making your contact centre and teams more efficient.