Sabio DemoJams

Join us online for a week full of demo sessions around specific areas of expertise.

Sabio DemoJams

The DemoJam series is hosted by Sabio experts and partners across a range of specialist subjects, sharing short snippet demos in the space of 30mins of best practices, ‘how to’ demos and tips.

Whatever level you are, from beginners to experts, the webinars are perfect to build your knowledge, gain tips and best practices with Sabio expert practitioners.


DemoJam Sessions:


Is Your Remote Working Model PCI DSS Compliant?

14th September, 1 pm BST

Everywhere you look, companies across all industries and around the globe have implemented remote working policies – with a reported 81% or more of employees working from home.

Payments are the lifeblood of any business, so preserving the ability of remote or home-based workers to securely take and process payments across any customer engagement channels is critical to delivering a complete customer journey. This can introduce new challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining data security standards and compliance with regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and others.

Want to watch the webinar? Download the Recording here.


Optimising Your Contact Centre’s Performance with Workforce Management

15th September, 1 pm BST

Workforce Management is key to optimising your contact centre’s performance. But how do you get the most out of your WFM solution? We covered forecasting and scheduling with the Verint solution.

Want to watch the webinar? Download the Recording here.


Rich Digital Content Sharing

16th September, 1 pm BST

Often a customer process cannot be resolved during the first call. Subsequent interactions are usually required, whether by phone, email or through other channels. Not solving a customer’s issue or inquiry in the first call can usually lead to a longer and more costly process which does not always help to improve the customer experience. Our content sharing platform is a new and exciting innovation that helps to connect a customer and an agent in a different way, more efficiently, increasing First Contact Resolution and taking advantage of all the capabilities of smartphones.

Want to watch the webinar? Download the Recording here.


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