CX Realities 2021 - The story of CX response to COVID-19 continues...

CX  Realities 2021 - The story of CX response to COVID-19 continues...

The pandemic is still proving the most powerful catalyst for change in living memory. Sabio's latest CX Realities report explores how organizational reaction to the pandemic has evolved since our last poll during the summer.


Sabio's first report showed how the pandemic released an extraordinary burst of creative energy and we wanted to understand whether these remain key themes and if so, how they have evolved. Or whether new concerns and priorities have emerged since then.

Consumers and brands continue to rapidly reinvent how they engage. This is happening at scale. Since the pandemic disrupts daily life for everyone, there is scarcely any gap between early adoption and new mainstream behaviours. Instead, we are witnessing a mass migration in customer behaviour.

Highlights of the White Paper:
  • Forecasting Demand Remains Challenging
  • A More Varied Contact Mix
  • Adding Self Service
  • The Importance of Understanding Customer Needs
  • Enablers for Digital Engagement
  • Finding Your Home-Office Balance
  • Well-Being
  • Working Practices and Mindset

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