How Sabio Supercharged ENGIE's Digital Transformation

When French energy leader ENGIE wanted to overhaul its customer service, it turned to a proven CX specialist for help – our team at Sabio Group.  

How Sabio Supercharged ENGIE's Digital Transformation

ENGIE needed to rapidly migrate thousands of agents to an innovative cloud contact centre platform, so with our Genesys expertise and an intimate consultative approach, we were tasked with completing the migration to Genesys Cloud in just twelve months. 

We did it – and two months ahead of schedule... 

Smooth Operator 

With decades of Genesys experience under our belt, our specialists knew precisely how to transition ENGIE's intricate voice infrastructure to the cloud. We implemented clever tactics such as staggered migration and resilient SIP trunking solutions to protect business continuity. We also integrated Salesforce and SAP for a unified customer view and added sophisticated custom applications.  

Our deep technical specialism ensured a seamless switchover for ENGIE's complex operations. 

Pedal to the Metal 

Migrating 4,600 agents across four entities in under a year wasn’t impossible – but it was daunting. However, our team used tightly coordinated project management to deliver expert solutions tailored to ENGIE's needs at breakneck speed. Their ability to understand and solve complex requirements resulted in a bespoke platform that exceeded expectations. By completing the migration two months early, Sabio enabled ENGIE to reap the benefits without disrupting its customers. 

Total Transformation 

With our consultative approach, we didn't just execute a technical migration – we enabled a full digital transformation.  

Intelligent solutions like IVR self-service improved customer satisfaction and unlocked quantifiable ROI for ENGIE while unified data empowered agents to personalise interactions. We helped to reshape ENGIE's operations around the customer, setting a new benchmark for the company. 

The successful project cemented Sabio's reputation as Genesys experts and CX innovators – and has also built strong foundations and trust with ENGIE that they have a highly-skilled partner in which to lean on for all of their CX requirements. Indeed, our ability to understand strategic needs, then deliver tailored solutions through technology and teamwork, provides the ideal blueprint for digital transformation.  

We gave ENGIE the tools not just to migrate, but to continuously revolutionise their customer experience.  

To read the full case study – yet another great success story in our 25th anniversary year – visit our website

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