Sabio Group Launches New WFM e-book to Optimise Today’s Contact Centre Workforce

Sabio Group, the digital experience transformation services specialist, has launched a new e-book aimed at guiding organisations in the optimisation of their contact centre workforce. 

Sabio Group Launches New WFM e-book to Optimise Today’s Contact Centre Workforce

The latest thought leading offering from Sabio – entitled 'Maximising WFM Performance' - sets out the importance of keeping planning and operational processes associated with staff management on track.  

The e-book also details how applying regular workforce management (WFM) health checks and ongoing WFM optimisation services can result in more efficient operations and improved service levels. 

Jim Fleming, WFM Specialist Architect at Sabio Group, said: “WFM solutions have been essential in enhancing the efficiency of customer operations for decades.  

“With customer expectations on the rise - the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) showed 31.3% of customers would prioritise excellent service, even when it costs more – it places an increased focus on the effective planning and scheduling that WFM can deliver. In addition, the pace of change within customer service has also meant that many organisations now find their WFM deployments struggling to keep up with today's challenging contact centre environments.    

“With 70-75% of operational contact centre costs still accounted for by staffing-related expenses, there is an ongoing need for effective WFM solutions that can optimise planning and CX operational processes.” 

Sabio’s new e-book focuses on a number of areas including; 

  • Optimising planning and operational processes with WFM 

  • The consequences of letting WFM planning processes drift 

  • Sabio's deep WFM expertise 

  • How organisations can take advantage and secure tangible operational WFM benefits. 

Jim added: “It’s essential for organisations to regularly review and optimise their WFM processes. Our new e-book provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to maximise WFM performance, ensuring that contact centres can operate efficiently while delivering exceptional customer experiences.” 

To view the e-book in its entirety, download a copy of 'Maximising WFM Performance', today. 
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