Sabio Group Unveils New Interaction Analytics Solution Aimed at Fuelling Digital Transformation


  • The Interactions Analytics ‘Proof of Value’ (PoV) is an eight-week programme that analyses recordings of recent calls coming into the contact centre 
  • The launch is aimed at providing businesses with key customer interaction data ahead of launching a digital transformation strategy 
  • The PoV combines advanced analytics technology with Sabio’s internal expertise and consultancy services 
Sabio Group Unveils New Interaction Analytics Solution Aimed at Fuelling Digital Transformation
To support the launch, Sabio is hosting a webinar with financial services firm, NewDay, on Tuesday, June 13th. The webinar – entitled ‘Interaction Analytics success with NewDay’ will cover how the financial services firm enabled success by leveraging interaction analytics. 

London, UK – May 16, 2023 – Sabio Group has launched a new solution aimed at fuelling an organisation’s digital transformation strategy by surfacing actionable insights from customer interactions. 

Sabio – the digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist – unveiled its new Interaction Analytics Proof of Value (PoV) offering today which combines advanced analytics technology with its expert consultancy services. 

The eight-week programme ‘turns insights into action’ by analysing recent voice calls and metadata to unveil insights that are critical to improving both advisor and customer experiences. 

Sabio’s Analytics specialists then provide guidance on the unique findings and recommendations from the programme – which are used to improve customer service and shape digital transformation strategies. 

Don Macdonald, Sabio’s Interaction Performance Consultant, said: “Organisations have a multitude of interactions with customers and prospects every day and the information held within those conversations holds the key to improving things like contact centre revenue, operational efficiencies and advisor/customer experiences. 

“Through working with hundreds of organisations globally across multiple sectors and geographies, we know firsthand that the transformation process is complex, emotional, time-consuming and certainly non-linear. However, through insights gleaned from our own customer base, we found that the end goal remains the same – that organisations want to understand changing customer needs and they want to be able to react to those changing requirements quicker than the competition. Our Interaction Analytics PoV is the first step in helping them do that.”  

Sabio’s new solution combines advanced analytics technology with expert consulting services to empower businesses to optimise their customer interactions and improve overall operational efficiency. 

It focuses on three key areas – sentiment analysis, agent performance and a third module of the organisation’s choice which best suits their business goals. 

By identifying patterns and trends, businesses can gain actionable insights to optimise their customer interactions, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Tom Mullen, Chief Product Officer at Sabio Group, added: “Our approach to analysing customer interactions combines advanced analytics with the knowledge and skills of our consultants to provide a complete solution that helps businesses improve both the experience for their customers and how efficiently they operate. 

Don added: “Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer to digital transformation, knowing where to start and most importantly why is key to success. 

“A full analytics deployment can be a sizeable investment for organisations. However, our PoV is a relatively short and sharp eight-week programme that provides an impactful way of experiencing the type of actionable insights that they didn’t know existed without having to commit to a hefty spend. It’s a low-cost, high-value ‘try before you buy’ option which offers great insights and significant ROI.” 

The launch of Sabio Group's Interaction Analytics solution aligns with the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and customer-centric offerings.  

As a trusted partner for hundreds of leading brands, Sabio is focused on delivering cutting-edge technologies and services to help businesses navigate the ever-changing customer experience landscape. 



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Corporate Communications and PR Manager
Sabio Group
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