My Leadership Journey at Sabio

When I joined Sabio, we were a team of just 30 people focused on solving problems in the contact centre market.  

My Leadership Journey at Sabio

Today, as the CEO, I'm proud to lead a company that manages more than 500 enterprise brands globally, helping some of the world's largest companies deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

How did we get here? It's been a long and fascinating journey of growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to putting people first. 

Early Days and the Founding Principles 

Sabio's origins date back to 1998 when the founders chose to concentrate on the contact centre space, recognising its immense potential. From day one, the goal was clear - solve problems for customers and agents by leveraging technology in innovative ways. 

When I came on board, Sabio was still a small UK-based operation. But the passion, expertise, and drive to make a difference were palpable. We were a diverse group of problem-solvers united by a common purpose - to improve the lives of those we served. 

People-Centric Innovation 

As Sabio grew organically over the years, expanding into mainland Europe from 2017 onwards, one thing remained constant: our people-centric approach. We've always believed that the key to success lies in understanding the environments agents, their managers and customers operate in and finding ways to enhance their experiences. 

This philosophy has guided our every decision, from automating repetitive tasks to free up agents for more meaningful interactions, to implementing workforce optimisation tools that promote fairness and well-being. It's about empowering people with technology. 

The Value of Collaboration 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey has been witnessing the power of collaboration. As Sabio expanded, we welcomed new teams through acquisitions, each bringing unique expertise and fresh perspectives. By fostering an inclusive culture where knowledge-sharing thrives, we've been able to solve increasingly complex problems for our clients. 

I vividly remember walking into a room a few weeks ago and finding teams from Glasgow, Bristol, Madrid, Paris and Singapore deep in technical discussions over pizza and beers, well into the evening. That level of passion and commitment to finding solutions is truly inspiring. 

Looking Ahead: Disrupt 2024 and Beyond 

As technology continues to evolve, our industry faces both challenges and immense opportunities. That's why events like our Disrupt conferences – taking place once again in both London (Tuesday, March 5th) and in Madrid (Thursday, April 18th) - as well as our Disrupt on the Road and Community Day roadshows are so important. They provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions, customer stories, and ideas that challenge conventional thinking. 

Our first event in London has circa 25 speakers sharing their expertise on topics ranging from AI and automation – including generative AI - to wider customer experience trends. I'm particularly excited to hear from Nina Schick, who is sure to deliver some curveball insights, and our own CIO Stuart Dorman, who always has a surprise or two up his sleeve. 

But Disrupt isn't just about learning from experts. It's about connecting with our community, fostering dialogue, and exploring how we can collectively shape the future of customer service and customer experience. Because at the end of the day, that's what Sabio is all about - using innovation, expertise, and a people-first mindset to solve real-world problems. 

So, whether you're a contact centre professional, a customer experience leader, or a technology enthusiast, I invite you to join us at Disrupt either in London in a few weeks or in Madrid in April. Together, we can challenge conventions, share insights, and continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our industry. 

After all, that's how a team of 30 became a company managing more than 500 enterprises globally – by never settling for the status quo and always striving to make a positive impact.  

The journey continues, and I'm excited to see where it leads us next... 

I recently joined Martin Teasdale on his podcast, Get out of Wrap. You can watch the full podcast here.
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Sabio is Spanish for 'wise', and is associated with King Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (1221-1284).
The name Sabio reflects the importance we place on the quest for knowledge, achievement and embracing the benefits of the diversity.
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