Placing Voice at the heart of your CRM Service Cloud

Delivering such a high-quality customer experience approach at scale – one that’s consistent across both digital and physical engagement channels – has always been challenging. That’s where Service Cloud Voice fits in, allowing you to integrate your enterprise voice telephony into Salesforce CRM.

Placing Voice at the heart of your CRM Service Cloud

Service Cloud Voice provides a great voice experience for customers and advisors through;

  • Merging phone, digital channels and CRM data in one single view
  • Real-time call transcription and AI-powered guidance on recommended next steps
  • Integration of voice with Salesforce customer data to improve customer experience and advisor productivity
  • Enhanced visibility across all channels to benefit team leaders and managers


Sabio Group is an ideal partner for Salesforce customers looking to transform their customer journeys with Service Cloud Voice. As a leader in the delivery of solutions and services that combine digital and human interactions - and a multi-award-winning Salesforce consulting partner through makepositive, part of Sabio Group – Sabio will help you to place voice at the heart of your CRM Customer Engagement Centre. 

Sabio works closely with you to offer ‘Bring Your Own Telephony’ support for Service Cloud Voice, helping Salesforce CRM users to take advantage of the power of their Avaya, Genesys or other preferred telephony platform across their end-to-end CRM experience. Sabio’s deep CX and proven Salesforce expertise also ensures organisations can take full advantage of key Service Cloud Voice benefits, whether you’re looking to integrate your own telephony or adopt a pre-integrated solution with Amazon Connect.

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