Disrupt CX 2019 | 24th April 2019

Consumers have more power and influence than ever before and your brand is under increasing pressure to put the needs of your clients and customers first. At all times.

Disrupt CX 2019 | 24th April 2019

This requires business leaders to make a substantial shift in their thinking about traditionally accepted business practices. They also have to disrupt their thinking to continually invest in the services and resources that provide them with greater influence on the customer experience (CX).

Want to know how?

Join Sabio and its partners at DISRUPT CX 2019. We have 20 years’ experience providing businesses with the knowledge, expertise and solutions to respond effectively to the ever-changing needs of customers. And we empower management teams with the CX insight needed to ensure better visibility, increased responsiveness and greater control across every customer interaction.

Hello, we’re Sabio. We think Customer Experience should be Brilliant and we’ll show you how at DISRUPT CX 2019!

Dates & Times

Date: 24th April 2019

Conference: 9am – 5pm

Drinks: 5pm onwards

Location: The Brewery, London

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