Masterclass Programme 2019

Sabio’s Masterclass Programme continues into 2019 with a series of workshops designed to educate and inform customer experience professionals.

Masterclass Programme 2019

The masterclasses are free of charge half day workshops hosted by practitioners from Sabio and our clients who will share knowledge, best practice, tips and case studies across a range of specialist subjects.

Whether you are an expert or are simply interested in learning more about a particular subject, the masterclasses are the perfect environment to learn and share experiences as well as to build your network with specialists in your field.

Time: 1- 5PM followed by drinks

Location: 12th Floor, 110 Southwark St, London, SE1 0SU


Workshop: Speech Analytics

The workshop will help you define the call centre analytics requirements to meet your business needs to ensure ongoing support of both the system and its application in your business.

Workshop: Workforce Management – 4th July 2019

This workshop will focus on key WFM processes and practices required to realise the full benefits of your WFM solution.

Workshop: Virtual Assistant & Robotic Process Automation – 11th July 2019

The workshop will take attendees on a journey, starting with identification of use cases and success criteria, through to the design and ongoing optimisation of Virtual Assistant and automation programmes.

Workshop: Voice of the Customer – 12th September 2019

The workshop will cover how to design, build and execute an effective voice of customer programme that deliver tangible ROI returns while driving behavioural improvements and understanding process failure.


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