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Enabling Workers to Take Secure & PCI DSS Compliant Omnichannel Payments


Download the webinar recording below29 Apr 2020 13:00 to 14:00

Your business depends on taking payments, but there’s a huge landscape of regulations around how you do this, fraud is growing, the cost of a data breach is now crippling and customers don’t really care about any of this as long as you are managing the risks, protecting their data and they have a frictionless interaction with you and your organisation.


Empowering remote workers to carry out business-as-usual tasks, including taking payments is now vital for any organisation and Business Continuity Plans are likely to be an ever-present item on the agenda going forward.  This is especially true when it comes to taking payments.


In this webinar, we discussed:
• The options for PCI DSS compliant payments across all engagement channels
• How to maintain security and compliance for PCI DSS payments with remote workers
• Monetising previously passive channels, to become revenue generators
• How securing payments should be part of your Business Continuity Plans



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